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Lost in a dreamy land

Beyond Kokoro

Practitioner : Linda Vallee
Cost: $125

I Am.

It’s a very powerful statement to claim. To claim who you are, to claim your energy, to claim your own Master Self.

You are here, during this lifetime, to experience life, to become conscious of your higher self, to become realized.

Your realization is not a journey of healing, it is one of remembering. 

It’s remembering who you are, reconnecting with your own energy.

It’s remembering that all answers are within.

It’s remembering to stand in your I AM.

During a Beyond Kokoro session, Linda guides you to remember who you are, to integrate aspects, to release what no longer serves you. She connects to your soul and, with the vibrational help of tuning forks, assisting you in becoming whole and recognizing your own true Self.

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