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A Sacred Akashic Journey

Join Paige online via zoom for this Sacred Akashic Journey.

What is the difference between a Sacred Akashic Journey and a Meditation?

This journey is channeled through Paige as she guides you into the Akashic Field where one of your guides are lovely waiting for you.

Our Sacred Akashic Journey will be exactly what you need in the moment and is perfect for whoever joins us on our sacred journey.

The Akashic is an energy field of divine source in which is connected through everything that has ever and will ever exist (Past, Present, Future).

On your journey you can not hold an old vibration with a new vibration. In other words accessing the Akashic field will assist you in releasing whatever is not aligning with your true essence. within yourself that you may not be open to “seeing”.

*Come and experience the shift

Tuesday April 28th 2021

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