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Group Past Life Event

Past Life Regression is based on the theory of reincarnation. It is a belief that a soul survives death to be reborn again into a new body with renewed opportunity to learn life’s lessons, grow and evolve.

Let’s have fun with this week’s Halloween Energy & learn more about who were are, by diving into who we were…in a past life!

Past Life Regression may help you find the answers you are seeking. Are you curious about whom you were in another lifetime? Where you used to be from? What were your interests, your hobbies, your gifts? Do you have an especially strong fascination with a period of history? Or have caught yourself saying, “I don’t belong in this time?” If your curiosity has been spiking lately to dive deeper into you past lives, this is your soul speaking to you, nudging you to show you something of great importance.

This is a group session, which is for exploration; no one to one healing will be done during this time. If you explore a life that you would like to dive deeper into, a one on one session can be set up for another time. However, releasing what no longer serves you will be done during our evening. This will leave you feeling lighter and with more clarity on who you are and where you could be heading on your spiritual journey.

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