New Moon Magik

Some of the most powerful manifesting energies connect directly to the moon and her cycle. The new moon is one of the most powerful times, to connect in with her energy and to connect in with our own inner magic. Together working in harmony you can begin to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

Look Forward to:

* An Akashic healing. Together we will enter the Akashic energy field where our guides will lead us into a powerful healing journey.
* A manifestation Ritual-together we will go through a manifestation practice
* Manifesting Meditation- opening up the manifesting power within
* An evening in the salt cave

The Akashic field is said to hold the collective consciousness of all beings who have ever lived on the Earth-Across all time.
This magical database exists on the astral plane, and contains infinite life experiences, as well as the keys to understanding the deeper karmic nature of all things in the Universe.
The Akasha Energy is field is a powerful ally in guiding & assisting one on their spiritual path of healing and expansion.


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