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The Power of the Period

The Power of the Period

Most of us go through our lives never understanding what happens within our bodies every month or allow ourselves the deep inner connection to our inner womb wisdom. Without this understanding, our cycles and periods can become a source of confusion, pain and shame.

What if instead you could connect deeper to your cycle, align your life to your natural feminine rhythms, understand it and embrace your menstrual cycle on a deeper and more meaningful level?

In the Power of the Period, you’ll
*Discover which foods, supplements and herbs are right for you (taking out all the guesswork)
*Connect with your ancestors and begin the healing process for yourself & for your lineage
*Get back to normalizing your menstrual cycle in a society that has forgotten how magical & power our cycles truly are
*Reconnect to the Feminine wisdom we hold within our monthly cycle
*Connect to movement specifically for the feminine body
*Learn to chart your cycle simply and accurately for either avoiding or achieving pregnancy
*A day of sisterhood within a powerful sacred container

Catered lunch & snacks provided for the day. Come prepared to learn, connect with yourself and everyone around you and get your body moving with some flow meant to support the womb space.

Arrive at 9:30. a.m. to get settle in for a 10:00 start.
We will finish our day together around 3:30 pm.

October 24th


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