Filling Your Cup

Have you heard of the phrase “Fill your Cup”? For many, it seems like such a hard undertaking. We give and give without really thinking about ourselves, and when we heard those terms, we get triggered, frustrated, overwhelmed. 

Filling your own cup does not have to be hard, does not have to be something that we spend a lot of time doing, something that separates us from our life. It’s all about staying aligned with our true self, our I Am, our soul, even while doing mundane tasks.

We all have responsibilities, we all have things that need to get done, such as dishes, laundry and work, but we can fill your cup by ensuring those things stay fun. Put some fun music on in the background while we’re folding laundry, or using our dish washing time as time to listen to that favourite podcast or audiobook. 

So many times, we going through life just dreading everything that needs to be done. We automatically feed the negative. We feed the ego. All of those tasks, all of the “must do” tasks can also easily fill our cups if we simply change your perspective and allow it to!

Now, that being said, it is important that during the day, we take time to ensure that we are doing something we want to do as well. Without having fun, without enjoying life, we simply drain and drain our energy and we don’t stay aligned. When we are working from a place of ego and not a place of soul, our energies drain and it becomes harder to stay aligned and connected with our soul.

So what does this mean? It means not allowing others to take precedence over us. It means carving out specific time for us. It means ensuring that we shift your perspective and look at things from a joyful point of view instead of one of obligation. It means that no matter who we are, what our situation is, what we do or even how old we are, we can fill your own cup. We can align yourself with our soul and enjoy life.