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Infrared Sauna
at Kokoro in Owen Sound

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Drink of water before and after your session, especially after.

    Check with your Dr or pharmacist to ensure there are no contradictions with your meds. Some meds are sensitive to temperature change.

    Check with your Dr if you have any cardiovascular conditions or chronic illnesses prior to booking your first session.

    Listen to your body! If you are starting to experience any nausea, dizziness or pain/discomfort during your session, get out of the sauna and start the cool down process!

    Use the towels provided! One towel for the bench (to sit on) and one towel for the floor (for your feet).

  • Book an appointment if you are pregnant.

    Book an appointment if you have hemophilia, a fever or heat sensitivity.

    Shower immediately after your session. We provide you with washcloths to freshen up.

    Consume alcohol or stimulants before your session.

    Bring a water bottle IN the sauna with you.

    Eat a heavy meal 1-2 hours before your session.

    Use lotions prior to your session, they might hinder the perspiration process.

    Touch the infrared heaters! They are hot!