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Journey Beyond Kokoro

If you’re looking for a personal mentor and extra guidance to help you on your realization journey and connect with your I Am, then it’s time to Journey Beyond Kokoro.

I Am.

A very powerful statement to claim.

Your realization is not a journey of healing. It’s one of remembering.

In this 3 month journey, you will receive:

  • Extra 1:1 guidance via text messaging or Voxer  ($500 value)
    Need extra guidance during the week? Send an email or Voxer message and Linda will give you extra words of wisdom, encouragement or inspiration.
  • Twelve Weekly Zoom calls align your energy and release what no longer serves you ($1500 value)
    During these sessions, we discuss, we chat, we see what’s going on in your life and I will guide you towards realigning with your soul, allowing the energy to serve you. (These sessions can also be done in person)
  • Three Monthly Beyond Kokoro sessions in the salt cave ($525 value)
    During these sessions, Linda guides you to remember who you are by connecting with your soul, guiding you to release what no longer serves you and guides you to stand in your I Am, your master self. **These sessions can be done online if needed**
  • One Soul Session  ($70 value)
    The Soul session kicks off your program. This session is done via distance, and allows Linda to intuitively chat with your soul and any aspects that come forward to better guide you on this journey.


  • Guided Personalized Meditation ($100 value)
    Want a personalized 45-min guided meditation just for you? Linda will channel your soul and create this meditation just for you to use during your program and beyond. You can add this to your package for an additonal $50.
Linda Vallee - Kokoro Wellness & Spiritual Hub
Linda Vallee - Kokoro Wellness & Spiritual Hub

I Am.

It’s remembering your sovereignty.

It’s remembering that all answers are within.

It’s remembering to stand in your I Am.

Who is Linda?

Linda’s realization journey is very similar to so many : she didn’t love herself, didn’t trust herself, lacked self confidence, with many aspects that were imbalanced. Throughout the years, she learned to breathe, to allow and to trust.

On her journey toward realization, she has come to understand how energy works, how it can serve us, and lives a life aligned with her soul. As a teacher through and through, she knows that her purpose is to shine her light brightly to help others find their light.

Are you ready to get a jump start on your journey towards realization?

Valued at over $2300, the Journey Beyond Kokoro can start for you today for the introductory price of only $800 + HST.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your I Am is your true self, the You that you have always been. Standing in your I Am is living a life in balance, allowing energy to flow and serve you.

I have a question that wasn’t answered

Email Linda at for any and all questions!

I’m ready!  What’s the next step?

Wonderful! The next step is payment, and then scheduling your first call!
Follow the link below to get started!

Linda Vallee - Kokoro Wellness & Spiritual Hub

Sending you lots of love, Linda