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Our Practitioners


Linda is the owner of Kokoro Wellness & Spiritual Hub. Her vision of helping others find their own light has become reality with her work at Kokoro.

Using her intuitive visionary guidance in most of her sessions, she is able to help rebalance and reintegrate aspects by bringing awareness. She uses the breath as her primary tool and teaches the breathe to find your own inner light.

Her sessions are based around the basis that healing doesn’t happen through external measures, but is all contained within. She also uses sound and vibration as tools to help you remember and reintegrate.

You can book a session with Linda here.


Spirit Artist ● Clairvoyant ● Reflexologist 

Tyler began practicing Tarot and Reflexology in 2006.  A transformative moment in his intuitive and healing gifts came in 2012 when he began seeing ethereal forms, symbols and shapes around people while in Kenya doing volunteer work.  These forms were a symbolic representation of the person’s auric field.  He began sketching these symbols and sharing their interpretations.  The messages from these auric impressions turned out to be curiously accurate, powerful, healing and sometimes even life-changing.  It was later that Tyler learned that these aura drawings were called ‘auragraphs’.  

Spirit Artist’s tune in to a person’s aura and pick up information about the person’s life and personality.  Through clairvoyance and sometimes mediumship a Spirit Artist can connect with the Spirit world and receive insights from a person’s spirit guides and higher self.  Tyler calls himself an ‘Intuitive Guidance Counselor’.  His auragraphic readings help people to revisit their self-care practices and reflect on strategies to get them ‘unstuck’ in the areas of the soul, heart, worry, relationships and work.

Aside from Spirit work, Tyler is also an entertainer, artist, teacher, speaker and meditation coach.

For Tyler’s full portfolio of work visit him at or

Connect with Tyler on instagram @monsieurboyle or @tylercboyle. You can book with Tyler here.


Kim is a very gentle and peaceful soul who practices what she teaches! She has a deep understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Tibetan techniques.

She is our QiGong Face Massage practitioner, a service that helps rebalance and revitalize your chi.

She also practices Tibetan meditation and loves to teach others how to begin their own meditation practice. 

To book with Kim, click here.


Alex began his Tarot card reading journey in 2020 after receiving channeled messages from people who have passed over to the other side.  With a strong sense of intuition and being intrigued by the art of Tarot reading, he began practicing personal one-on-one readings, where he shares his gift with others to bring clarity, guidance and light to his clients.

Alex has over 15 years experience in Holistic Nutrition and incorporates the spiritual and emotional components as part of one’s healing journey. 

To book your own tarot card reading with Alex, click here. Alex is typically available the last Thursday of every month.