Pandemic Mama

A client of ours, Diana, wrote a beautiful poem about being a mom during this time. When I read it, I had tears in my eyes and I knew it had to be shared.

Thank you Diana for writing such beautiful words and allowing us to share them with everyone.

Pandemic Mama

by Diana Simmons-Smith

It takes a village to raise a child
But no village is in sight
My hopes and dreams are fading
Disappearing at midnight

Just two weeks to flatten the curve
The lie they told last year
I watched my babies turn into boys
Yet the world is still unclear

What a strange world to grow up in
In isolation and in fear
What a hard time to be a mother
When you’re the only one that’s here

Pandemic Mama, I see you
Your prison is your home
Pandemic Mama, I’m with you
Even though you feel alone 

I pictured play groups and mom friends
Not survival and screen time
What we truly need is to socialize
But now that is a crime

Every job falls on our shoulders
There is no end in sight
We scream for help but no one comes
There’s no way this is right

We stay strong for our children
Who do not understand what they’ve lost
Friends, family and community, gone
But what will be the cost?

Pandemic Mama, I see you
Though society has turned their back
Pandemic Mama, I hear you
Support is what you lack

One day when this is over
Most people will move on
Pandemic Moms will have a scar
Our pain never truly gone

Pandemic Mama, I see you
This lockdown, too much to bear
Pandemic Mama, I’m with you
In the anger that we share