Salt Cave Do’s and Don’t’s

Salt Cave at Kokoro in Owen Sound

Do’s and Don’ts

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  • Please Do

    Arrive on time for your session. The salt cave is a quiet zone and we want to minimize disruptions.

    Bring a book or a magazine if you desire. We suggest leaving your phone off and being in the moment. 

    Book your appointment with a friend! In fact, you can also book the salt cave for a whole group! Just remember, unless you booked the whole salt cave, please be mindful of others and keep chit chat to a whisper.

    Leave your outdoor shoes at the shoe rack! We will provide you with slippers.

    Check with your Dr before starting salt therapy if you have any concerns.

  • Please Don’t

    Book an appointment if you have a contagious respiratory illness, a fever or any illness that can potentially soil the salt cave.

    Book an appointment if you have stage 4 of any illness unless you talk to your Dr first.

    Bring any other drinks other than water in the salt cave. No food is permitted either.

    We suggest keeping any electronics away from the salt cave. If you do, keep them on silent and understand that it is done at your own risk.