Practitioner : Paige Kaufman
Cost : $130

The Akashic records come from the word Akasha, the energy field of divine source in which is connected through everything that has ever and will ever exist (Past, Present, Future).

When we go into your Akashic Records we go into your “Hall of Records”. Once entering your records we then will connect with your own personal Akashic Records guides.  Yes you have your very own team! 

Everything and anything is stored in the Akashic Records. The real power of the records lies in its ability to assist you on your path at the present time.

Remember on your journey you can not hold an old vibration with a new vibration. In other words accessing the Akashic Records will assist you in releasing contracts, vows, blocks and shed layers within yourself that you may not be open to “seeing”.

If you are feeling drawn to the Akashic Records there is without a doubt a reason.

Is it time to go deeper into the truth of who you are?
Is it time to release old patterns that no longer serve you?
Is it time to release vows or contracts that no longer apply to this life at the present time?
Are you ready to connect with your Akashic Record guides?

Appointment length ranges from 1-2 hours depending on what comes up.

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