Do’s and Don’t about Floatation Therapy!

What is Floatation Therapy?
Floating in salt water for therapeutic reasons is not new, as people have been making pilgrimages to the Dead Sea for centuries. Floatation therapy combines the healing power of salt (Magnesium Sulfate) with Sensory Deprivation.

You float on approximately 10″ of water that is super saturated with Epsom salt, providing you with extra buoyancy. The float cabins are sound proof, light proof and warmed to promote a feeling of nothingness.

This sensory deprivation allows your brain to turn off. There is nothing to distract you, no sensations, no sound, no light. You can dip into meditation mode very quickly. After an hour of floating, you feel completely refreshed and recharged.
What are the benefits of floating?
The magic of floating – it puts you in a deep meditative state to better heal what ails you!

It can be helpful with :

*Deep muscle relaxation
*Better sleep
*Decrease pain
*Reduced stress & anxiety
*Sports recovery
*Increased circulation
*Reduce headaches
*Reduce inflammation
*And so many more benefits!
What should I expect my session to look like?
When you arrive, you’ll be shown your float room. In the room you’ll have a change area, a shower and a float cabin. Before you enter the cabin, you are asked to shower (using soap only – no shampoo or conditioner please!). You can choose to wear ear plugs if you wish (provided), enter the cabin and lay down on your back. If you are feeling claustrophobic or nervous, you can choose to leave the cabin door slightly open.
At the end of your session, the lights will come on. Shower once again (this time you can use shampoo and conditioner!) to remove all the salt, making sure to really clean your ears if you didn’t wear ear plugs. If you want to dry your hair, there is a blow dryer in the bathroom across the hall.

Our Facebook video (created a week after we opened) is below, showing you the procedure, the cabin, etc. (I apologize for the quality!)
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