Salt Cave at Kokoro in Owen Sound

DO :
*Arrive on time for your session. The salt cave is a quiet zone and we want to minimize disruptions. We schedule all of our sessions on the hour to ensure that the session can remain as undisturbed as possible.
*Bring a book or a magazine if you desire. We suggest leaving your phone off and being in the moment. 
*Book your appointment with a friend! In fact, you can also book the salt cave for a whole group! Just remember, unless you booked the whole salt cave, please be mindful of others and keep chit chat to a whisper.
*Leave your outdoor shoes at the shoe rack! We will provide you with slippers.
*Check with your Dr before starting salt therapy if you have any concerns, especially regarding your sodium intake.
*Book an appointment if you have a contagious respiratory illness, a fever or any illness that can potentially soil the salt cave.
*Book an appointment if you have stage 4 of any illness unless you talk to your Dr first.
*Bring any other drinks other than water in the salt cave. No food is permitted either.
*We suggest keeping any electronics away from the salt cave. If you do, keep them on silent and understand that it is done at your own risk.
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