Practitioner : Linda Vallee
Cost: $120

Are you on your spiritual journey, but feel “stuck”. Are you feeling as though there’s a lesson you need to learn, but having a hard time determining what it is?

In a Healing Meditation, Linda will connect with your higher self, your soul and use her channeling gift to take you through a journey to help you become aware, to release and allow.  You will be asked to see or feel, you are the one doing the work during this meditation, Linda is there to assist and guide.

Pre-meditation, you will discuss the specific obstacles or limiting beliefs that you’d like to heal during your session. During the meditation, you will be sitting comfortably or lying down, listening to soft music, relaxing and allowing your third eye to be guided by Linda’s voice. You will dive into the issues that come up, feel them and learn how to release them. We will talk to your aspects, see them, and ask them to come home for you to become whole.

This session is perfect for those who are on their spiritual journey, who can tap into their intuition but need an extra hand during a hard time with an aspect (aspect is also known as shadow or ego).

A typical session can run anywhere from 60 mins to 90 mins.

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