Infrared Sauna at Kokoro in Owen Sound

DO :
*Drink of water before and after your session, especially after.
*Check with your Dr or pharmacist to ensure there are no contradictions with your meds. Some meds are sensitive to temperature change.
*Check with your Dr if you have any cardiovascular conditions or chronic illnesses prior to booking your first session.
*Listen to your body! If you are starting to experience any nausea, dizziness or pain/discomfort during your session, get out of the sauna and start the cool down process!
*Use the towels provided! One towel for the bench (to sit on) and one towel for the floor (for your feet).
*Book an appointment if you are pregnant.
*Book an appointment if you have hemophilia, a fever or heat sensitivity.
*Shower immediately after your session. We provide you with washcloths to freshen up.
*Consume alcohol or stimulants before your session.
*Bring a water bottle IN the sauna with you.
*Eat a heavy meal 1-2 hours before your session.
*Use lotions prior to your session, they might hinder the perspiration process.
*Touch the infrared heaters! They are hot!
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