You know what’s not easy? Letting go. Actually, in hindsight, it’s always easier than we make it out to be, we always realize we held on too long because we were scared of the unknown, of what our life would be without whatever we were holding on to.

I read something once, something about healthy eating and how so many of us are scared to start to eat healthier because we’re afraid we’ll never enjoy our food again, similar to how drug addicts and alcoholics can’t fathom a life without their drugs or alcohol.

Same concept applies to basically anything we are holding and afraid to release.

So what can we do about it?

The first thing I always tell any of my clients is to honour and be extremely grateful to what you are holding, to what you are feeling, to what you are experiencing. It’s all happening to show you what you need to release, to show you what you need to heal, to call home. It’s all happening because it’s time. If you’re reading this, it’s time for you to become aware and send love, gratitude and honour to what you are holding. When you start bringing this awareness, when you start sending it so much love, so much gratitude and so much honour, then it’s easier to release.

When you are ready to release, you are truly understanding why you needed to go through this, to hold on. You are ready for a life without it but not without honouring and being grateful to have gone through it.

Don’t be afraid of letting go, but don’t berate yourself for not letting go. Sit with the feelings, and one day, you’ll be able to release and understand why you went through this.