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Float Training

Are you ready to start your training? Start with learning all about salt and finding out when and how salt attacks, and why it’s so important to make sure we clean properly!

When (and how) Salt Attacks!

Floating is an amazing thing, with so many benefits (we’ll get to those soon!), but first, we need to understand all of the cleaning procedures and rules behind how we must clean the rooms. We *HAVE* to keep proper logs and clean properly, it’s part of the Public Health regulations.

Start by watching the cleaning procedure video here :

Float Cleaning Video

After that, watch our Float Procedure video. This is the video that guides everyone before they first float. It has all of the relevant information that’s needed prior to floating.

Our Float Procedure Video:


I made a quick maintenance update video about our cleaning procedure. Watch it below.

Float Maintenance Update Video :


Next, read the Float Cabin sections in the Float Helm Guide. Login to your floathelm account at the link below and click on the Guide button at the top right. Follow the prompts for all the float cabin info.

And finally, take a peak at our website about floating. This includes the benefits as well as our prices.

Kokoro Wellness & Spiritual Hub

Don’t forget the list of Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to floating! Read them here.


That was a lot of information!

Take some time to revise the information above and fill out the following form :

Float Training Form



Salt Cave Training

Let’s start learning more about our Salt Cave! Why did we choose to build a salt cave and what are its benefits? Read the following 4 articles to find out more :

History of Salt Caves

Active vs Passive Salt Therapy

How Salt Therapy Works

Benefits of Salt Therapy

Now, take the time to log into your floathelm account again. Read the Salt Cave sections in the Float Helm Guide:

Our cleaning procedure for the salt cave is a lot easier than the float tank! Take a look at this video :

Salt Cave Cleaning Procedure Video

And there’s also this quite update video I made :

Lastly, take a look around our website for all the details for our salt cave. Don’t forget to read over the Do’s and Don’t’s section as well!

Kokoro Wellness & Spiritual Hub


Sauna Training

Let’s learn about our Infrared Sauna. Our infrared sauna is a 4×4 sauna, perfect for one person (or two people who love each other).

Read the two articles below (and the videos in the second article) for a better idea of all the infrared benefits!

What are Infrared Rays and Why use Infrared Saunas?

Infrared Sauna Benefits



Hand & Foot Detox Training

To round out our services, we have our Hand & Foot detox lounge.



Our warmed Himalayan Salt Lamps for the Hand & Foot provide a great little detox, and increase circulation.