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Float Tank Training

FREE – Intro to Water Treatment

When (and how) Salt Attacks!

Water Sanitation with Dept of Health’s Jason MacDonald

Dr. Justin Feinstein – Part 1

**Read the Float Cabin sections in the Float Helm Guide:

Our Float Procedure Video:

Float Maintenance Update Video :

It’s now time to watch how a room is turned over and cleaned between clients!


Salt Cave, Sauna & Hand & Foot Detox Training

History of Salt Caves

Active vs Passive Salt Therapy

How Salt Therapy Works

Benefits of Salt Therapy

**Read the Salt Cave sections in the Float Helm Guide:

**Important to note that I forgot to mention that we also sweet the salt off the salt tiles at the entrance!

What are Infrared Rays and Why use Infrared Saunas?

Infrared Sauna Benefits
*(The two videos at the bottom are beneficial, but not obligatory to watch)

**Our Sauna is currently not functional due to COVID-19.

Our warmed Himalayan Salt Lamps for the Hand & Foot provide a great little detox, and increase circulation.