Originally from Owen Sound, I moved back to the area with my husband about 4 years ago to raise our family in the most beautiful place we call home. Currently living in Sauble Beach with our three boys and embracing country living while we create our own little homestead. My yoga journey began 14 years ago as a student attending classes here and there for a good stretch and some relaxation. It wasn’t until I connected with an incredibly inspiring teacher, paired with all that life could through at me in the way of challenges, that I found myself seeking more. I had discovered just how powerful the yoga practice could be. I knew that it could offer a doorway into a place of self awareness, introspection and self love. My heart knew that I was seeking more which lead me to taking my 200hr YTT with Deva Tree school of Yoga. This has all brought me to a place of sharing an incredible practice with so much to offer. I am looking so forward to connecting, sharing space and energy with new students in his magical space at Kokoro spa.


I go through phases both in my teaching and as a student as to “my why”. Why do I practice? Why do I teach? Why am I a believer in this thing that has been passed down, called Yoga? I am comfortable saying that this is an ever moving target but I think at the root of it all is to understand and accept the flawed, imperfect, chaotic but WHOLE mess of myself and who I am and encourage my students to do the same. Be our own ‘Gurus’, our own inner teachers and not subscribing to someone else’s way of believing, seeing, feeling, thinking or being just because we assume that’s the way it should be. From this practice I believe (overtime) we start to a shift in our inner landscape (physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, therapeutically, neuro-chemically, etc.), how we communicate within ourselves, and then how we interact in our relationships and how we show up in our lives on a more global scale.  I believe my duty as teacher of the practice is to first and foremost be a student over and over again to all of it’s gifts, and last, facilitate an experience in the best way I know how that allows others to do the same- whether that be in a fluid, strengthening flow practice or a slow, grounded class focused on introspection and all the space between.
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Hayley Mundy is a long-time resident of Owen Sound where she has lived, worked and raised 2 daughters since 1989. She began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2011 and became fascinated with its variety and ability to heal on many levels – physically, mentally, and spiritually. This sparked an interest in learning more about this  sacred science that led to her becoming a KRI certified teacher in 2016. She has found it to be a unique and beautiful practice and enjoys sharing it with others.
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